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About Us

ICU is an Evidence Based Program focused on reducing recidivism for medium to high-risk kids.

We meet with the kids and their guardians in a comfortable
environment as soon as they return home after leaving the
Juvenile Justice System. We set up a meeting for one of our
mentors to meet with the kids and their Probation Officers to
review the terms and conditions of their probation.


What we Offer

  • We are a 24 hours a day service.

  • We focus on skill-building activities for jobs/future employment.

  • We focus on activities that build positive behaviors.

  • We work closely with the DJS/families to create a steady balance in the home.

  • We travel our youth with our mentors to give them a different outlook through new experiences.

  • We measure success by the progression and by the youth achieving the personal goals they establish.

  • We offer a library card for each child.

  • We offer a gym membership to each child.

  • We offer trade and employment (we will pay the youth)

  • We help them transition back into the community and



The purpose of the program is to help
improve the well-being of misguided and
misunderstood children.


  • providing a role model that can support and guide the youth on a better path




In I.C.U our purpose is to help the youth make proper decisions for the betterment of their future. In doing so it  help us achieve our main purpose which is to lower the recidivism rate for each child that come through our

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